Ohio lawmakers pass more election funding

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

Another $9 million for Ohio’s 88 county boards of election moved quickly through the Ohio House and was agreed to by the Senate on Wednesday, attached to an unrelated bill.

Substitute Senate Bill 9 originally focused on requiring state agencies to cut regulations — especially on businesses — by 30% by 2025. That’s still included, but now the bill also provides more election funding.

Secretary of State Frank Rose, citing the rapidly approaching May 3 primary and still unsettled legislative district maps, called earlier this week for more funding to help county election boards meet their requirements.

Republicans tabled Democratic attempts to add amendments moving the primary to June 21, and allowing election boards to work with nongovernment groups to recruit poll workers and provide voter information.

The amended bill passed 59-33, and soon afterward the Senate agreed 27-5 to concur with the House amendments.

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