Ohio report card ratings released for area school districts

Bellbrook, Centerville, Oakwood and Springboro among districts receiving highest rating.



New report card ratings released by the Ohio Department of Education today show several area districts like Bellbrook, Centerville, Oakwood and Springboro receiving the highest overall rating based on an 1- to 5-star rating, with 5-stars being the highest.

Ohio schools have not received an overall rating since 2019, when districts were given a letter grade. This year, districts were given an overall star rating for the first time.

ODE changed its grading system last year but phased in the overall rating for this year.

Here are some of the highlights from those overall ratings:

Five-star districts

The highest-rated schools looked slightly different than those who were given A ratings in the 2018-2019 school year, the last “normal” year before the pandemic began and the last year that ODE gave graded ratings.

Area schools that received five stars on the report card were Bellbrook, Centerville, Mason, Miami East, Oakwood, Springboro, Tipp City, Wayne Local and Yellow Springs.

In the 2018-2019 school year, Oakwood was given an A, but Centerville, Bellbrook, Miami East, Springboro and Wayne received Bs.

Lowest-rated districts

The lowest-rated area districts were Trotwood-Madison, Dayton Public, Middletown City, and Springfield City, which each received two stars and Jefferson Twp., which received 1.5 stars.

In the 2018-2019 school year, Trotwood and DPS received D ratings, and Jefferson Twp. received an F.

Other notable schools

One difference for the latest round of report cards was Mad River schools, which in 2018-2019 received a D rating from the state. This year, the district received three stars.

Huber Heights, which also received a D rating in 2018-2019, received 2.5 stars.

Kettering, Beavercreek and Northmont, three of the larger suburban school districts in the Dayton region, received 4.5 stars under the new rating system.

Vandalia-Butler and Valley View each received four stars.

Ohio State Report Card for schools 2022-23

MONTGOMERY COUNTYOverallPerform. Index %Progress4-year grad rateEnroll 2022-23
Oakwood5 Stars98.55 Stars98.32,028
Centerville5 Stars88.45 Stars94.97,954
Northmont4.5 Stars83.05 Stars97.54,654
Brookville4.5 Stars90.04 Stars97.91,482
Kettering4.5 Stars84.44 Stars93.87,732
Vandalia-Butler4 Stars82.03 Stars98.32,782
Valley View4 Stars80.53 Stars93.31,729
Miamisburg3.5 Stars76.93 Stars90.84,876
West Carrollton3.5 Stars67.04 Stars90.93,351
New Lebanon3 Stars73.62 Stars94.21,092
Mad River3 Stars70.02 Stars88.73,736
Huber Heights2.5 Stars66.12 Stars85.85,869
Northridge2.5 Stars52.12 Stars92.21,576
Trotwood-Madison2 Stars47.21 Star83.52,536
Dayton2 Stars46.72 Stars70.812,215
Jefferson Twp.1.5 Stars44.11 Star73.7255
GREENE COUNTYOverallPerform. Index %Progress4-year grad rateEnroll 2022-23
Bellbrook-Sugarcrk5 Stars94.05 Stars97.02,515
Yellow Springs5 Stars83.85 Stars97.0632
Beavercreek4.5 Stars89.64 Stars95.87,804
Cedar Cliff4 Stars90.72 Stars96.5549
Fairborn3.5 Stars72.44 Stars87.54,175
Greeneview3.5 Stars81.52 Stars98.11,259
Xenia2.5 Stars70.82 Stars85.43,778
MIAMI COUNTYOverallPerform. Index %Progress4-year grad rateEnroll 2022-23
Miami East5 Stars92.45 Stars98.01,301
Tipp City5 Stars90.34 Stars99.52,366
Troy4.5 Stars83.35 Stars95.33,935
Milton-Union4 Stars81.04 Stars91.31,283
Newton3.5 Stars89.81 Star94.9594
Bethel3.5 Stars81.83 Stars94.21,848
Bradford3.5 Stars74.13 Stars94.3468
Covington3.5 Stars82.01 Star100.0727
Piqua3 Stars73.12 Stars89.02,987
NORTHERN WARREN CO.OverallPerform. Index %Progress4-year grad rateEnroll 2022-23
Springboro5 Stars91.65 Stars98.85,766
Wayne5 Stars93.84 Stars98.51,515
Franklin4 Stars78.23 Stars97.52,528
Carlisle4 Stars79.32 Stars97.41,524
Lebanon3.5 Stars83.82 Stars96.25,054
PREBLE COUNTYOverallPerform. Index %Progress4-year grad rateEnroll 2022-23
Eaton4 Stars83.13 Stars91.41,772
Tri-County North3.5 Stars78.52 Stars91.5727
Preble Shawnee3.5 Stars72.33 Stars93.81,331
National Trail3 Stars78.31 Star93.2883
Twin Valley3 Stars72.62 Stars100.0746
SOUTHWEST CLARK CO.OverallPerform. Index %Progress4-year grad rateEnroll 2022-23
Greenon4 Stars76.84 Stars96.61,576
Tecumseh3.5 Stars73.14 Stars89.32,672
Source: Ohio Department of Education. Notes: Overall rating combines test achievement, year-over-year progress, graduation rate, early literacy scores and gap closing (a complex combination of student subgroup performances) ... Performance Index % measures students' pure achievement on state tests ... Progress shows how students have improved year-over-year on state tests.

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