Ohio woman with cancer sings, wins ‘Golden Buzzer’ on national talent show

An Ohio woman with cancer sang an original song, winning over the audience and the judges with her story and talent.

Jane Marczewski lives in Zanesville, about 55 miles east of Columbus.

She performs under the name of Nightbirde, and she sang an original song that earned her Simon Cowell’s “Golden Buzzer,” which advances her past other rounds and into the live competition.

Marczewski sang “It’s OK,” and said, “It’s the story of the last year of my life.”

She has not worked and instead battled cancer “for quite a few years,” she said.

Before her performance, she told the audience and judges, “I’m so much more than the bad things that happen to me.”

Cowell said Marczewski’s voice was “absolutely stunning”

“There was something about that song and the way you just almost casually told us what you’ve been going through,” he said.

Marczewski told the judges: “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore, before you decide to be happy.”

Cowell then stood up and hit the Golden Buzzer.