Ohio’s fall colors: Peak conditions shine despite wind, rain

Fall colors have arrived, despite rain and wind events over the past week, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).

“It has really cooled off, and colors are finally being noticed across the state with Near Peak and Peak conditions being seen throughout Ohio,” said ODNR Fall Color Forester David Parrott. “I am crossing my fingers that the rain and wind don’t knock down most of the leaves before they finish turning.”

ODNR issued its fifth fall colors update Thursday.

The state’s latest map shows the entire Buckeye State in Near Peak or Peak status.

No area is yet in the Fading status.

ODNR offered this tip:

“A great way to see the colors of the season and to get some exercise is to jump on a mountain bike and explore our state parks and forests. Mountain bike trails are scattered across the state and vary in length, landscape, and difficulty. Some are even nationally rated. Don’t forget that many trails in our parks and forests are multi-use trails which are shared by hikers, bikers, APVs, and horses. Be on the lookout for others while riding. And most importantly, to keep any outing as safe as possible, ALWAYS STAY ON THE TRAIL and be extra cautious during hunting season.”