Police investigating whether theft of Apple watches from FedEx truck part of multi-state spree

Theft from delivery truck at The Greene in Beavercreek followed same pattern as thefts elsewhere, police say

Beavercreek police are investigating whether four men who allegedly stole more than 300 Apple watches from a FedEx truck at The Greene this month are connected to similar cases elsewhere, including Columbus and Maryland.

On Sept. 19, Alexander Diaz-Remache, 38; Gustavo Daniel Vinueza-Bueno, 36; Jonathan Eduardo Remache-Diaz, 32; and Alvaro Oswaldo Loaiza-Alvarez, 27; stole 336 Apple watches worth $157,200, according to Fairborn Municipal Court records.

Remache-Diaz is in the country on a valid visa, and is reportedly a police officer in Ecuador, according to court records. The other three are in the country illegally, court records say, though two have California identification.

Greene County Prosecutor David Hayes requested bond to be set at $750,000, writing that Beavercreek police were informed “that there is an FBI task force that has some involvement investigating one or more of the defendants.”

In the local case, the watches were reportedly taken during a FedEx delivery at the Apple store. One of the four suspects had bolt cutters and cut through the truck’s lock while the FedEx worker was bringing a pallet of items to the store, according to the affidavit.

The four men were arrested by Beavercreek police Friday while detectives were surveilling delivery vehicles near the Mall at Fairfield Commons. Police say they noticed two vehicles that matched the suspect vehicles involved in the Apple theft. The four men in the two vehicles were wearing similar items as the the Apple theft suspects and had earpieces that were connected to their phones, according to court records.

Beavercreek police Capt. Scott Molnar said similar incidents have been reported in the Miami Valley and other states.

“Our department has had four cases of thefts or attempted thefts with this same MO in the past month,” he said. “We have been in touch with other agencies in Ohio and have confirmed that the same individuals we arrested were involved in a similar theft in Maryland.”

Diaz-Remache, Vinueza-Bueno, Remache-Diaz and Loaiza-Alvarez were charged with aggravated theft, conspiracy to commit aggravated theft, receiving stolen property and possession of criminal tools, according to court records. Bond was set at $20,000 earlier this week.

The visa for the one suspect who is in the country legally is set to expire in December, Molnar said. The other three are being held on Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers. Molnar said one of them has been deported twice previously.

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