Police: Jawbone found in Moraine owned by former doctor

Credit: Jim Noelker

Credit: Jim Noelker

Skull owned by deceased doctor among items thrown out of Washington Twp. home

A jawbone and teeth found on the side on the road in Moraine earlier this week was part of a skull owned by a former area doctor, according to police.

The skull was part of a load that was thrown out when a Washington Twp. resident was cleaning out her basement and attic, which included her deceased father’s belongings, according to a Moraine police report.

The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office is continuing to examine the remains. A preliminary investigation indicates the remains are an anatomical specimen, according to the report.

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The investigation began Tuesday, after a man driving to the Montgomery County Environmental Services Solid Waste Transfer station found the jawbone and teeth near a blue travel bag and cardboard box on the side of Encrete Lane.

The man took the travel bag, jawbone and teeth to Kettering police because he “believed the items could be important,” according to the incident report. He reportedly thought the items fell off the back of a truck on its way to the transfer station.

The transfer station was closed Tuesday afternoon as police searched debris for more evidence. No remains or evidence were found, according to police.

Surveillance cameras from ChemStation and Fuyao Glass America that filmed a truck that lost part of its load while on its way to the transfer station. Additional surveillance footage at the facility helped investigators identify the truck and its operator.

The investigation led detectives to a home on Westwicke Place in Washington Twp. where the load and remains were picked up.

Detectives spoke to the resident who said she has just cleaned out the basement and attic, which included her deceased father’s belongings, according to police.

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A family friend who helped the resident with cleaning confirmed to police that she saw a skull in the box and that it was loaded onto a truck, according to the report.

The family friend also reportedly helped the former doctor clean out his office in the ‘80s and remembered he had a skull.

“She said she was not shocked by the item because [he] was a doctor and him being in possession of an anatomical specimen was not surprising to her,” the report read.

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