Police tell large UD campus-area crowd to disperse; arrests made

Vehicle overturned at late St. Patrick’s celebration as students return from spring break.



A large crowd gathered in the University of Dayton campus area on Saturday afternoon to belatedly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and some people overturned a parked vehicle, prompting a heavy police response and at least six arrests.

Students had been off campus on break during St. Patrick’s Day the week before. With students returning from spring break, however, “a large number of people gathered on Lowes Street during the afternoon,” according to a statement from University of Dayton officials.

Most of the people conducted themselves in a peaceful manner, UD officials said.

“At approximately 4:15 p.m., part of the crowd overturned a parked vehicle and got on top of it,” the statement said.

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Police officers tried to control the situation, but “bottles, cans and other objects were thrown at them.”

More officers were called to the scene, and police broadcast orders to clear the street, using police cruisers and a loudspeaker, the statement said.

The arrests happened as officers were clearing the street.

University officials said the situation was under control when they released their information Saturday evening.