River District development proposed in West Carrollton

Fast facts about West Carrollton

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Fast facts about West Carrollton

City to consider next week entering in development services agreement with developers.

WEST CARROLLTON — A River District along the Great Miami River in West Carrollton is being proposed and a master plan for the development will be presented Tuesday to this city’s council.

The district would include a new development, a whitewater park and housing on city-owned property near Interstate 75, according to a release from the developers.

The development would be led by Woodard Development and Dillin, LLC.

“At Dillin, we are responsible for creating a vision that makes a site unique. It’s our job to make this project something so special to set West Carrollton apart from other communities and look toward a new future that will allow the city to participate in greater economic diversity”, said Larry Dillin, president of Dillin.

The developers said the new River District will go from I-75 to the businesses on the east end of West Carrollton, including El Meson and Ele Cake.

“West Carrollton’s stretch of the Great Miami River is the only place that has a viable pool of water for boating and enough of a vertical drop for competitive kayaking, a canoe channel and river surfing,” the developers said. “Requests and applications for funding have already been submitted.”

Todd Duplain, principal for Woodard Development, said the plans align with the city’s comprehensive plan. The plan called for mixed land use to create a neighborhood with residential and businesses, to utilize the Miami River to provide recreation and to create more events to bring visitors to the city.

“We believe this project has the opportunity to be one of the most unique developments in the state. There aren’t many 30+ acre tracts of land that are bookended by I-75, the Great Miami River with a planned regional whitewater feature that will draw people from all over the state,” Duplain said.

The city council agenda for Tuesday’s night meeting asks council to approve a resolution authorizing the city manager to enter a development services agreement with Woodard Real Estate Resources and Dillin LLC for the development of city-own land on East Dixie Drive, Marine Drive, Bowman Land, North Alex Road and Central Avenue near I-75.

The developers said additional details about the development will be presented at the meeting.

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