Roe overturned: Ohio leaders react to Supreme Court ruling on abortion

Ohio political leaders reacted to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a nearly 50-year constitutional right of a woman to get an abortion, sending the issue back to states to decide.

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Here’s what politicians are saying:

Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted:

“As we transition as a nation from Roe to Dobbs, we all need to do our best to understand and respect the heartfelt, genuine differences of opinions among our families, friends, neighbors and communities. Being an adoptee who started life in a foster home, my own experience helped shape my views on this issue. I’m here today because my birth mother chose life and put me up for adoption, which I know could not have been an easy decision for her. My prayer for all of us is this collective experience will build a more compassionate nation that values life.”

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost:

“This decision returns abortion policy to the place it has always belonged: to the elected policy branches of government. Roe was poorly reasoned, a doctrine of shifting sands that invited perpetual litigation.

“We will continue to debate this issue. But passion is not a license to violence. I call again on my federal colleague, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and my fellow states’ attorneys general to publicly commit to holding violent protesters accountable under the law, no matter which side they are on.”

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U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan:

“Today’s disastrous decision is the largest case of government overreach in my lifetime. By overturning Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court is gutting a long-established right in order to put politicians between women and their doctors. Even worse, this ruling gives the green light to those here in Ohio who have introduced legislation that would deny women access to potentially lifesaving care, and threaten to put women and doctors in jail.

“We saw this coming, which is why as a member of Congress I’ve voted repeatedly to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, only to watch it die in the Senate along with so many other bills that would protect health care and help women and families. It’s clear the Senate is not working the way it’s supposed to and Ohio women will pay the price. It has never been more important that we expand our pro-choice majority, end the filibuster, and pass legislation to protect the fundamental right to an abortion.”

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Ohio Sen. Steve Huffman:

“My strong Catholic faith, combined with thirty years as a practicing physician, drives my belief that every life should be valued. Since my election to the Ohio House in 2015, the Ohio General Assembly has passed more significant legislation to defend unborn children and protect their right to life than at any time since the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark abortion ruling in 1973.

“Today, we celebrate the court’s decision to rule in favor of the sanctity of human life, and our work continues. As Chairman of the Senate Health Committee I will work with my colleagues and our legal counsel to ensure we uphold the Constitution and protect the unborn.

“As we review the opinion, and look ahead, we are mindful that being pro-life is about more than just protecting a baby’s right to live, it is also about providing support for pregnant women and parents, reducing financial barriers for adopting families, reprioritizing federal funding for family planning organizations and providers—the list goes on.

“Of all of my legislative accomplishments, I am most proud of the work we have done in Ohio to protect life and I remain committed to doing so.”

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Ohio governor candidate Nan Whaley, former City of Dayton mayor:

“This is no longer a hypothetical. Unfortunately for women in Ohio, the Court’s decision to strike down Roe means that Governor DeWine will move to criminalize abortion. That means women in Ohio will have the right to a safe and legal abortion taken away from them, even if their life is at risk or if they’ve been the victim of rape or incest. It’s exactly what Mike DeWine and the extremists in the Ohio Legislature want, and that’s unacceptable.

“This election has never been more important. If DeWine is reelected, he’ll take Ohio women back to a time where abortion was criminalized and dangerous. The right to access a safe and legal abortion and reproductive care is on the ballot this November. Ohioans have an opportunity to elect a pro-choice governor who won’t interfere with a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body.”

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Ohio Sen. Steve Wilson:

“This historic ruling restores the right to life as a bedrock principle of our legal system. It reaffirms our belief that every life has value and is deserving of dignity and respect. Our country was founded upon a declaration that every individual should enjoy the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Today. the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the right to life for untold generations of future Americans. Today, justice was done.

Overturning Roe v. Wade was both the moral choice and the correct legal decision. This ruling does not outlaw abortion and it does not take away anyone’s rights. It returns the authority to regulate abortion to where it belongs - the people and their elected representatives in the states. My colleagues and I will continue to work hard to ensure pregnant women and families have the support they need, and to streamline the adoption process.”

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