Seasonal cooling/heating transition period nearing

As temperatures become cooler and the fall and winter seasons are ushered in, 88th Civil Engineer personnel are now busy with a two-fold mission:

  • Air conditioning technicians will begin the task of shutting down summer air conditioning units and preparing these systems for winterization.
  • Heat plant technicians are making final preparations on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s three central heat plants, 75 satellite plants and associated pipelines for the approaching heating season. CE technicians will track the weather trends and start the heating operations as we dip into the cooler weather.

There will be a period where the heating and air conditioning systems will both be shut down. An email will be sent to facility managers and commanders when this process begins.

Mission support and facility sustainment remain the primary concern of CE personnel, and personnel will be working efficiently to return all systems to normal operations as quickly as possible. During this transition period, Team Wright-Patt members may experience some warm or cool indoor conditions when the fall temperatures fluctuate as air conditioning systems are shut down and before our heat systems are energized.

Check the weather forecast each morning and dress accordingly.

Please remember that electric space heaters are not permitted on WPAFB unless an individual has a medical exemption from their doctor, approval and recommendation from their supervisor, and final approval by the Base Energy Office. Please contact your facility manager or reference WPAFBI 90-1701 for further details concerning space heater approval.

Besides that, these electric space heaters are a safety hazard, and it costs WPAFB more than using the base heating systems. If your facility is experiencing cold temperatures this winter after the heat is activated, have your facility manager submit a service request into TRIRIGA or call the CE Service Desk at 257-3131 if it is an emergency to correct this problem.

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