Sinclair works with Miami Valley meals to provide food to needy students

Sinclair Community College has partnered with Miami Valley Meals to provide fresh and frozen meals, including vegetarian and vegan options, to the Sinclair Student Food Pantry.

Sinclair said a recent survey found that 35% of its students are affected by food insecurity. Last semester, more than 250 students used the Sinclair Student Food Pantry. Sinclair established the food pantry in January 2020 for students facing food insecurity, and all students are eligible.

“No student should go hungry, and we are incredibly grateful to Miami Valley Meals for partnering with us to address food insecurity,” said Matt Massie, Sinclair Community College student and community engagement manager.

Miami Valley Meals said the partnership with Sinclair furthered its mission of using donated food to support existing organizations, fed the hungry and reduced waste.

“We are thankful for the tremendous community support that has enabled our talented team of chefs to provide this critical service to nonprofits in the Dayton region,” said Amanda DeLotelle, executive director of Miami Valley Meals.

Sinclair has provided more than $16.5 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds to assist students with food, housing, course materials, technology, health care and child care, according to the college. An additional $8.5 million will be distributed to students in the spring term.

Sinclair students are eligible for free counseling services, a mobile grocery and health clinic, financial counseling, legal assistance and medical advocacy services.

Sinclair Community College has also hired a full-time licensed social worker to connect students with resources. Last term, more than 380 students received social work/case management support, the college said.

“With the addition of a licensed social worker and the many other expanded student services, Sinclair Community College is furthering our mission to find the need and endeavor to meet it,” added Alicia Schroeder, director of student affairs. “Our students continue to face enormous challenges as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, but our holistic approach to services and support from community partners allow our students to continue on a path to success.”

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