The 5 most expensive storms in Dayton-area history

Two tornadoes hit Riverside and Clark County on Wednesday as severe thunderstorms moved across the region, also bringing damaging straight-line winds, hail and torrential downpours along a cold front.

The Miami Valley has seen its share of damaging tornadoes through the years. Here is a list of the storms that caused at least $10 million in estimated damages since 1950.

May 27, 2019: $550 million in damages

The tornado outbreak killed one with over 130 injuries reported in the Miami Valley. Montgomery, Greene and Mercer counties declared a state of emergency.

About 70,000 DP&L customers were without power at the storm’s peak.

The storm was labeled an EF-3 by the National Weather Service. It damaged hundreds of area homes and businesses.

April 3, 1974: $250 million in damages

The Xenia tornado on April 3, 1974, was the strongest storm in the string of deadly twisters that were part of a “Super Outbreak,” according to the National Weather Service, which documented 148 tornadoes in 13 states from Alabama to southeastern Canada.

The deadly twister, an F-5, descended on Greene County, bulldozing a path a half-mile wide.

The F-5 tornado led to the death of 32 people, injured another 1,300 and caused an estimated $100 million in damages in Xenia alone. Nearly 1,400 buildings, including seven schools, were damaged or destroyed in the storm that affected half the city.

Train cars were tossed on their sides, schools and grocery stores were destroyed and limbs were ripped from trees leaving bare and broken trunks.

June 2, 1990: $75 million in damages

Union Twp. received heavy damage to roofs on houses, apartments and businesses.

The hardest hit spot was considered The Fountains apartments where about 100 families had to be evacuated from the complex. Ten people were treated at local hospitals for minor injuries

The storm’s path stretched from as far south as Cincinnati and west through Indiana, where eight people were killed and 150 injured.

November 22, 1992: $50 million in damages

Tornadoes ripped though Darke and Preble counties, flattening homes, a township hall and an auto dealership, ripped roofs, uprooted trees and downed power lines.

Arcanum was the most heavily damaged town in the Miami Valley. Major roads were blocked and 10 people were taken to a local hospital for mostly minor injuries.

Severe thunderstorms carrying hail, some as large as golf balls, hit other Miami Valley counties, including Montgomery.

The storm was part of a low-pressure system that moved from Texas to the Great Lakes, killing 15 people and injuring at least 150.

September 20, 2000 - $15 million in damages

Severe winds flattened buildings and overturned cars from Xenia to Carlisle. One person was killed and more than 100 injuries were reported. A state of emergency was declared in Xenia.

The storm, which hit with little warning during the evening, caused a lot of confusion. Fire department workers had to go house-by-house to assess damage. With power out, several shelters were set up around Xenia.

Windows were shattered at Wal-Mart in the Westpark Square shopping center and some of the hundreds of cars in the parking lot were overturned.

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