Tipp City seeks multimillion-dollar sewer improvement

TIPP CITY — The city will seek a $4.6 million federal grant to add capacity to sewer lines that serve existing industries west of Interstate 75, along with vacant industrial and commercial properties there.

Community development director Matt Spring told Tipp City Council that the city has “a unique and awesome grant opportunity,” for economic adjustment assistance through the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act, or ARPA.

The economic adjustment assistance portion of ARPA has $500 million for grants for a variety of projects, with emphasis on water, sewer and broadband, said John Green, city finance director.

The proposed project would include installing a major trunk line to help provide adequate sewer service to current customers and allow for growth. Today, two of three sanitary sewer lines that serve the northwest portion of the city are “at or near capacity,” Spring said.

“This will really help out,” Green said.

Properties that would benefit include 550 acres with Meijer Distribution, Meijer dairy, Meijer warehouse, Abbott warehouse, HSA Abbott warehouse and 95 vacant acres. In addition, they would include 50 acres at the southwest corner of County Road 25A and Ohio 571 (West Main Street) that is zoned commercial.

These areas all are west of I-75.

The proposed work would include 9,400 feet of sanitary sewer to be divided into two sections. The 15-inch sanitary sewer first would be placed along 25A south to the 25A/Ohio 571 intersection with a small trunk line to the commercial land and then east to Kinna Drive, where it would join existing sanitary sewer.

The second line would go from Kinna Drive, across the city to Hyatt Street and south on Hyatt Street near the Northern Area Water Authority water plant and then head south toward the wastewater treatment facility, Spring said.

The $4.6 million grant would pay 80 percent of the estimated $5.774 million cost. The $1,153,832 balance would come from city utility funds.

“I think it’s a win-win,” said Mayor Mike McFarland

The council unanimously approved the grant application. The grant is being written by city staff. The city should learn whether it will be awarded later this year, with construction to begin in 2023, Spring said.

Green said he expects the city will see more opportunities for federal grants in the next couple of years.

“I think Tipp City will have the opportunity to do significant capital improvements funded at least in part by the federal government,” he said.

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