Trotwood mayor, Huber councilwoman, former Dayton cop are GOP contenders for county commission

Trotwood’s mayor, a Huber Heights councilmember and a former Dayton police officer are Republican contenders hoping to challenge two incumbent Democratic Montgomery County commissioners next year.

A Montgomery County Republican Party spokesperson confirmed Kate Baker, a Huber Heights councilmember, intends to file petitions to run against incumbent Judy Dodge, while Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald intends to run against incumbent Debbie Lieberman.

Another Republican challenger, Jordan Wortham, has also had his candidate petitions for Dodge’s seat certified by the Montgomery County election board.

If Baker’s petitions are filed and certified by the Montgomery County Board of Elections, she and Wortham will face off in the March 19 primary election.

Lieberman and Dodge are the only two Democrats to file for commission seats as of Tuesday, according to the election board.

McDonald and Baker announced their candidacy at a Montgomery County Republican Party event this week.

McDonald, once a Democrat, has served in Trotwood city leadership since 2005. She started on city council and served two terms as mayor. Her current term expires at the end of the year following her defeat against candidate Yvette Paige in the Nov. 7 general election.

“As mayor we have made great strides in beginning to revitalize Trotwood,” said McDonald. “I am excited to be running as a Republican and to share with people all over the county what can be done when we work together for the betterment of everyone.”

Baker was appointed to a vacancy on Huber Heights city council for Ward 3 in 2020. She was elected to the seat in 2021.

“I want you to keep more of what you earn so you can save it or spend it as you see fit,” Baker said. “That way businesses will thrive and create jobs.”

Wortham served as a Dayton police officer for seven years. He has run for commissions for both Montgomery County and the city of Dayton in recent years.

“I am a person that never gives up,” he said. “If I had to say something to our lunatic Democrat socialists and fascists, it would be simple. I’m back.”

Dodge has been a county commissioner since 2006 and prior to that was the county’s recorder. Lieberman worked in the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office and served on Clayton’s city council before she was elected to the Montgomery County commission in 2004.

“Judy and I are running for reelection and will continue to provide our experienced leadership to our citizens that have relied on and supported our efforts,” Lieberman said. “We will continue our successful work on community resilience and economic stability as we invest in people and organizations that make our county strong.”

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