Trotwood names vice mayor

TROTWOOD — City Councilwoman Yvette Page was appointed vice mayor of Trotwood last week.

Page is currently serving her second term on council, having first been elected in 2017. She represents Trotwood’s second ward.

In 2019, Page ran for mayor, losing the seat to Mayor Mary McDonald by six votes.

Page said she was initially inspired to run for council in part by some prominent public figures.

“I first started out not really knowing anything about politics, but I heard Barack Obama in one of his speeches say if you want anything done, you’ve got to get in there and do something; that you can’t just stand idly by,” she said. “It was Socrates who said, too, ‘If man should move the world, he must first move himself,’ so with both of them talking to me, I decided to run in 2017.”

Page is driven by her dedication to the residents she serves.

“Transparency and listening to the voices of the people; that’s what I ran on,” she said. “I want to make sure that their voices are heard.”

Robert Kelley Jr., Trotwood councilman at large, said Page is the right person for the job.

“Yvette is a great person; she’s a very thorough, passionate and resilient person in everything that she’s a part of,” Kelley said. “She’s not afraid to tackle anything, and she always votes her heart on all issues without playing into the politics of it.”

Kelley highlighted some of Page’s best attributes that help her to be a successful representative of Trotwood.

“She’s a great leader, a very spiritual person, and she’s family-oriented,” he said. “(The council is) so pleased to have her.”

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