Trotwood schools to boost after-school options in response to violent incident

City, school, police officials didn’t offer specific details after meeting to discuss group assault case

TROTWOOD — City of Trotwood officials, Trotwood-Madison school district administrators, and Police Chief Erik Wilson met Wednesday in a closed-door meeting to discuss the recent assault of a middle school student by a group of his peers.

In a statement released after the meeting, Superintendent Reva Cosby said the district plans to increase the number of after-school activities offered, as she said participation rates have been low in recent years.

“We plan to survey students to gather input on potential activities and programs of interest to improve engagement beyond school hours,” the statement reads.

City Manager Quincy Pope said after the meeting, which was closed to the public and media, that the city is committed to partnering with the district to ensure student safety.

Neither district nor city officials shared what specific strategies they would employ to hinder future violence between students. As of Thursday afternoon, officials had not responded to this newsroom’s questions about the frequency of fighting and violence on school grounds or what potential after-school activities and programs could be implemented.

The Feb. 8 assault, which prompted Wednesday’s meeting, took place at Trotwood-Madison Early Learning Center and was recorded by a witness on scene. The video shows a group of about eight individuals approaching the 13-year-old victim and knocking him to the ground before appearing to repeatedly hit and kick him.

According to a police report, all perpetrators were between the ages of 13 and 15 years old.

Pope had requested a roundtable discussion with school and police officials after seeing the footage.

“After reviewing the video coverage of the brutal assault/attack of a Trotwood-Madison middle school student, I am outraged at the level of violence and behavior of the students involved in the assault of the victim,” Pope’s letter reads. “We need to meet and discuss preventative measures to mitigate violent behavior in our schools and community.”

The district did not respond Thursday to the question of whether the student suspects were expelled.

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