UD proposes new Dayton ‘microsystems’ research center

Dayton Development Coalition unveils “PDAC” wish list of regional proposals

The University of Dayton wants to build a “Southwest Ohio Integrated Microsystems Workforce & Research Center” to prepare workers for Intel and semiconductor manufacturing.

The proposal is being unveiled weeks after Intel broke ground for dual Columbus-area semiconductor fabrication plants, with a projected workforce of 3,000 people.

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The university seeks $250,000 for a center whose estimated cost would be $500,000, with up to 500 new jobs possible, UD said in an application to the Dayton Region Priority Development & Advocacy Committee (PDAC) .

“Reshoring of advanced chip manufacturing is a national priority and great opportunity for Ohio,” UD said in its PDAC submission.

“Two new chip fabrication facilities are already under construction in Central Ohio, a projected investment of $20 billion,” the university said, adding that Intel’s operation could grow to eight facilities and a $100 billion investment over the next decade, if conditions are right.

The center is one idea in a list of proposals PDAC participants hope will strengthen and advance the Dayton region — and that list is ready for public perusal.

Publicizing this proposal and others is the second step in an annual PDAC process.

The committee wants ideas and proposals worthy of Dayton Development Coalition and local lobbying efforts for state and federal government funding.

Many of the project ideas have been submitted in the past and continue to be discussed. Familiar proposals include funding for the National Veterans Affairs History Center in Dayton, enhancements to Levitt Pavilion, the Triumph of Flight monument, a STEM center for Air Camp and more.

Proposals generally fall under five categories — defense, development, health care, transportation and government services and quality of life.

You can read the proposals on the Dayton Development Coalition’s website. Public comments on the ideas will be accepted until 5 p.m. Nov. 30. Comments can be sent via the web link or emailed to Tyler Clogg at tclogg@daytonregion.com.

All submissions are evaluated by one of five review panels. The panels submit their recommendations to a full committee for final consideration.

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