Unity at the Cross multi-racial, multi-denominational service marks Good Friday

Credit: Marshall Gorby

Credit: Marshall Gorby

Community members gathered Friday afternoon for a drive-in outdoor Good Friday service hosted by St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church designed to bring people of different backgrounds together.

The Unity at the Cross service in the church parking lot at 2262 Gettysburg Ave. in Dayton included pastors and worshipers across Christian denominational and racial lines to celebrate the diversity of the community and to mark the death of Jesus on the cross, said St. Luke senior pastor, the Rev. Renard Darnell Allen Jr.

“The kingdom of heaven is multi-color, multi-denominational, diverse,” Allen said. “We are one in our humanity, so why not be one in everything else? Everything else that divides us is superficial. We are one human blood. All of our blood is red and the blood that Jesus shed was red, which is to signify that we are one. We are one in our humanity and I pray that this will help us to become one in community.”

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. often spoke of this as well, based on Jesus’ concept of the kingdom of God, Allen said.

“We believe (Jesus’ death on the cross) was for the benefit for all humankind, whether people embrace the Christian perspective or not, those of us who are of that persuasion understand that if nothing else, this weekend is a time when we reflect on God’s love for all of humanity across racial, religious, color, cultural and geographic lines,” he said.

Sunday is Easter, when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

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