What is International Denim Day all about?


Denim Day is observed internationally after a 1992 Italian sexual assault conviction was overturned by the Italian High Court in 1999 under the premise that the victims jeans were far too tight for the perpetrator to remove on his own; therefore, stating the victim must have assisted. And by removing the jeans, it was no longer rape but consensual sex.

Enraged by this verdict, women of the Italian parliament protested by wearing jeans to work. As news broke of the conviction being overturned, protests began to spread across the world.

International Denim Day his observed at the end of April each year and has become a stance against something much bigger than one overturned conviction; it has become a sexual assault prevention campaign that represents all victims of sexual assault. Those victims span across all walks of life and genders.

Sexual assault is not a “woman’s problem.” It is a societal problem, which is why during International Denim Day all community members are urged to make a social statement with their fashion statement to protest against all myths surrounding sexual assault.

If you are interested in knowing more about International Demin Day, visit denimdayinfo.org

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