Who is Neil Clark? Charged in racketeering case

Who is Neil Clark?

Neil Clark, a Columbus area Republican, is a lobbyist who represents three dozen clients, including from the payday lending, gambling and health care industries, beer wholesalers and Ohio’s largest public pension system. He is the founder of Grant Street Consultants and has worked on statewide ballot issues.

What is his political experience?

Clark got his start in Statehouse politics as a staffer for the Senate Republicans. In 1984, he co-founded State Street Consultants with Democrat Paul Tipps, and the duo built the lobbying firm into a powerhouse of influence. Clark and Tipps had a falling out and the firm dissolved in 2008.

Clark started Grant Street Consultants in January 2009 and he created the 1984 Society in 2015.

Clark has worked on multiple statewide ballot issues.

In recent years, he has been a leading lobbyist for the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, the online charter school company now under investigation by the FBI. And he represented a faction of payday lenders that advocated for some industry reforms.

What is his personal background?

He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Ohio University. He has been married three times. He lives in Columbus and Naples, Florida. He is married to Colleen Lora Clark, who works at Grant Street Consultants.

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