7 Items on Deep Discount in August

If you’re looking for a grill to finish out the summer or a computer for your home office, the month of August may be the perfect time to snag a deal.

For this article, I've enlisted our sister site ClarkDeals.com to show us the August bargains, and it turns out the opportunities to save go well beyond school supplies.

August traditionally brings some great bargains and back-to-school sales. This year is shaping up to be similar, but here are two major differences because of the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Not as many laptops and tablets are expected to be on sale due to high demand right now.
  • Because of the difficulties related to traveling right now, don't expect many travel deals.

Let’s take a look at some of the best August deals:

Here Are the Best Deals for August


If you're looking for a washer, dryer or perhaps some small kitchen appliances, home goods retailers should have what you need on sale.


Clothing stores have been slashing prices for much of the year because of weak demand related to COVID-19.

You'll be able to get huge deals on season-specific apparel, especially women's clothing that retailers need to unload, according to money expert Clark Howard. You'll find some great online deals, but you may be able to get bigger bargains by shopping in-store.

Computers and Tablets

Online learning is looking to be huge this school year. You might have to look a little harder than last year, but there are still deals to be found on laptops, Chromebooks and bundle deals with antivirus programs. In addition to tablets for less, you may also be able to find other electronics on sale.


Late summer is the perfect time to buy a grill so you can take advantage of the weather to do some outdoor cooking. You may even be able to find some grills on clearance.

Home Storage

Retailers know that as we get closer to autumn, there will be a need to put our summer clothes away. That’s why you can expect storage solutions to be on sale.

Outdoor Furniture

As summer begins to fade, August is the time when you can find some great deals on outdoor furniture.

School Supplies

If you didn't stock up on school supplies in July, you'll have a great opportunity to buy items on sale in August, as stores will be looking to unload their inventories. Your dollar is going to go far with school supplies like tablets and composition notebooks.


If you’re lucky enough to live in a state with an upcoming tax-free weekend, some items you buy may even be cheaper! As always, make sure you comparison shop before making a decision to buy.

Can't wait to shop? Check out today's best deals from ClarkDeals.com.

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