6 more weeks of winter for Dayton region, forecasts Boonshoft’s Odyssey the Otter

The Dayton region is stuck with another six weeks of winter according to Boonshoft Museum of Discovery’s Odyssey the Otter.

The museum mascot and “meteorologist extraordinaire” helped stepped in for Patience the sloth who “didn’t give herself enough time to get here,” said Dawn Kirchner, vice president of education at Boonshoft.

Kirchner read a proclamation from Odyssey sharing the region’s wintery fate.

“About this year’s weather I have been asked to speak, out of my burrow I did take a quick peak,” she read. “But alas, the day outside was so sunny and bright that seeing my shadow gave me quite a fright. So friends of the Boonshoft I’m sorry to say, that spring time is still six weeks away.”

As part of Boonshoft’s Groundhog Day celebrations, the museum will share more details about groundhogs and an activity for people to try at home later today.

Those who can visit the museum can also try a groundhog hide-and-seek challenge that will take visitors through some of the museum’s recently reopened areas.

Odyssey’s prediction was similar to Punxsutawney Phil’s in Pennsylvania this morning. Phil saw his shadow this morning, forecasting six more weeks of winter, according to the Associated Press.

In Marion, Ohio, Buckeye Chuck had a different forecast. Chuck did not see his shadow, according to 10TV, signaling an early winter.

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