Expert: Miamisburg police likely searching for Chelsey Coe’s body

Exhaustive searches and digging in Miamisburg have raised many unanswered questions in the case regarding missing woman Chelsey Coe, who was last seen this past summer.

Investigators spent several days this week searching a property along lower Miamisburg Road for any sign of Coe, but have given little information as to what they found.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and the south suburban Tactical Crime Suppression Unit helped police tear through the property using ground penetrating radar.

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Patrick Oliver, a former Fairborn and Cleveland police chief and current Cedarville University professor, believes there is good reason for why police are going to such lengths.

"They have reason to believe there's a body on the they have reasonable grounds to believe that someone committed this crime," said Oliver.

Oliver has been following the case closely, and says it's clear to him police believe there is a body somewhere on the property.

"Obviously if you have a bigger piece of property, there's more places to hide a body. Sometimes people will build things over where a deceased body is, and so that's probably why they were doing digging," Oliver said.

Miamisburg police chief John Sedlak said they initially collected evidence on Tuesday, then said Thursday, "we did not come up with anything of real evidentiary value today."

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Many people are wondering why police haven't named their strong person of interest, but Oliver says there's a reason.

"Until you're ready to file an indictment, or seek an indictment, then you don't want to release that name. Someone shouldn't risk embarrassment unless they're a legitimate suspect," Oliver said.

When asked if they will continue their search on the property, police did not say.

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