Broken bones for Dayton man getting kid’s stolen bike back

Children on bicycles. Staff file photo

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Children on bicycles. Staff file photo

A 35-year-old Dayton man was treated at Grandview Medical Center for broken facial bones after a scuffle while trying to retrieve his child’s stolen bicycle.

Dayton police interviewed the man at the hospital Friday afternoon. The assault happened around 4 p.m. in the 600 block of Linden Avenue.

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The man told police that his 10-year-old child’s bicycle was stolen on Thursday from his yard. He was driving around Friday when he spotted two adults on bicycles — and one of the bicycles resembled his child’s stolen bike, he told police.

The man told officers he recognized both of the bicycle riders, and stopped to ask for his property back while his wife, daughter, and two nephews remained in the vehicle.

“(The woman) got off of the bike and handed it to him, as if she knew that the bike was stolen,” the police report reads.

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The man on a bicycle reportedly demanded $150 for the bicycle and “wanted to fight about it,” according to the police report.

The assault victim was punched once in the face, police said. Doctors at Grandview Medical Center said he had four broken facial bones.

No arrests have been made, but the child’s bicycle was recovered.

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