CareSource doesn’t make cut in bid to join Oklahoma Medicaid

CareSource lost its joint bid to enter the Oklahoma Medicaid market, in a set back to the insurer’s goal of expanding to more states.

Oklahoma is overhauling its Medicaid program and will have four private health insurance companies that coordinate care and pay claims the majority of people covered by the health insurance program.

The companies that won the bid were announced as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, Humana Healthy Horizons, Oklahoma Complete Health, and United Healthcare.

Dayton-based CareSource was part of a joint-venture with Healthcare Hightways, called CareSource Oklahoma seeking to be among those companies but was not chosen to be a part of the program.

CareSource said in a statement that the Dayton-based company “spent time in Oklahoma getting to know people across the state and learning about what was important to them.”

“CareSource is unique because we put people over profits and our focus is on making a lasting difference in the health and well-being of our members’ lives,” CareSource stated. “While we would have loved to have brought that difference to Oklahoma, we continue to pursue opportunities to extend our mission into new areas.”

While bids were being considered, CareSource Oklahoma had been laying the groundwork for a presence in the state, such as making a $100,000 donation to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. In January, CareSource also announced a $1 million investment in Oklahoma affordable housing projects.

CareSource has nearly 2 million members in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia, primarily through state Medicaid programs, though the company also sells individual, Medicare Advantage, and dual-eligible Medicaid and Medicare plans.

Meanwhile, CareSource is also in the midst of a rebid for its main contract, which is managing benefits for Ohio Medicaid. The state is planning to announced the results of that rebidding process soon, though an exact date of the announcement has not been shared.

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