Cedarville University turns 130 years old today: What you need to know

Cedarville University turns 130 years old today as Ohio approved its charter on Jan. 26, 1887.

The Christian university in Cedarville is located just 35 minutes east of Dayton and is home to around 3,700 students.

Here are five interesting facts about Cedarville University:

1. The college was almost shuttered just years after it was started

In 1890, the Presbyterian Synod recommended the university’s board “abandon” the college, but the board refused, according to Cedarville’s website.

In 1892, a $25,000 donation from a man named William Gibson revived the college.

2. The first class of graduates was pretty small

The first class of Cedarville University students graduated in 1897. The graduating class consisted of just five students.

Cedarville University graduated more than 700 students in 2015, according to the university.

3. Cedar Lake was added to campus in the 1960s

Located in the middle of campus, Cedar Lake was not added until 82 years after Cederville University had its charter approved by the state.

In 1969, workers began excavating six acres of campus to create the lake, according to the university.

4. A tornado tore up campus

In 1974, a tornado swept through Xenia, Ohio, also damaging portions of campus.

The entire second floor of Patterson Hall was torn off by the tornado, according to the university.

Formerly the home of the University’s medical clinic, Patterson Hall now consists of offices for the department of media and applied communications, according to Cedarville University’s website.

5. A name change at the turn of the century

The christian school wasn’t always called Cedarville University.

Until 2000, the school was called Cedarville College before changing its name.

Along with the name change, the school also opened a new student center that included a dining hall and theater, according to the university.


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