Communities split $30 million loans for water, sewer work

The water reclamation plant on Guthrie Road in Dayton will receive money for maintenance and upgrades for future needs or regionalization services.

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The water reclamation plant on Guthrie Road in Dayton will receive money for maintenance and upgrades for future needs or regionalization services.

Region’s water, sewer systems kept in compliance with $30M in low-interest loans

Local water and sewer districts have received a combined $30 million in loans to upgrade facilities or prepare for expansions as more residents move in.

The loans were made available through federal clean-water funds.

Warren County

Warren County has received a $15.3 million loan for upgrades to its water and sewer system, positioning the county to meet the needs of an estimated 12,000 new customers over the next 20 years.

The Warren County water system, which already serves 32,000 customers with plants in Franklin and Hamilton townships, is preparing to serve an estimated new 1,000 customers a year projected to move into the area.

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The Dayton Water Reclamation Facility will borrow more than $4.8 million through revolving loan funds managed by Ohio EPA.

“It’s the first big project out of our master plan,” said Chris Clark, water reclamation division manager. “It’s money that’s available and relatively cheap.”

The loan will pay for design of a $51 million upgrade to the city system treating sludge from sewage in “anerobic digesters” by providing elevated heat needed to lower pathogen levels, Clark said.

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Once treated, the sludge is put into landfills or injected into the ground.


Germantown got nearly $2.7 million in loans to replace a water tower and upgrade its operations control system.

“Germantown is in compliance with drinking water quality standards, but received a violation when an inspection noted the existing water tank is in a deteriorated condition and needs to be replaced,” according to Ohio EPA spokesperson Dina Pierce.

Greene County

With two loans totaling $2.1 million, Greene County is designing and expanding its Northwest Regional Water Treatment Plant and improving Grant Hall and Indian Ripple pump stations.

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The projects are to boost capacity and add water softening. The pump station will serve customers in the Clyo and Swigart areas.

Ludlow Falls

The Miami County community of West Milton is receiving a $904,588 loan for a sanitary sewer collection system for the Village of Ludlow Falls - part of a regional project carrying village sewage to West Milton’s treatment plant.

“The West Milton project will provide a new sewage collection system for the unsewered village of Ludlow Falls, which will correct unsanitary conditions resulting from failing home septic systems,” Pierce said in an email.

Logan County

Logan County will receive $458,499 to design replacement sanitary sewers for the Orchard Island and Wolfe Island communities.

“Updating and improving our water systems is critical to our community’s public health,” State Rep. Scott Lipps (R-Franklin) said in a press release. “I’m grateful the EPA has provided this financing in our region so we can continue having access to safe, reliable and quality water.”

The communities are expected to save more than $5 million in interest or “principal forgiveness” on the $30 million in loans. The remaining costs are covered by customers.

“That is the cheapest money available for municipalities,” said Dave Brausch, sanitary engineer for Warren County. He said the loans will Warren County at least $800,000 over 20 years in interest.

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