Coronavirus: Miami County placed on alert level 4 watchlist

Miami County has been placed on the Alert Level 4 watchlist after meeting six of the seven indicators set by the state. The county has reported 1,383 new coronavirus cases since Dec. 3, Miami County Public Health reported.

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The county reported more than 50 cases per 100,000 people within the past two weeks, an increase in the new cases trajectory, an increase in outpatient visits that fit the criteria for COVID-19 and more emergency department visits that fit criteria for COVID-19. The county also reported that over 50 percent of coronavirus cases appear to be from non-congregate care living and intensive care units are over 80 percent capacity. At least 20 percent of the capacity is COVID-19 patients, MCPH reported.

MCPH also reported 36 new hospitalizations and one death since Dec. 3, brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in Miami County to 6514, with 5939 confirmed cases and 575 probable cases, 330 hospitalizations and 69 deaths. The county is averaging about 100 new cases a day.

Miami County officials urge the community to limit activities that could spread the virus and follow current health protocols.

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