Air Force reservist accused of sex crime at base faces more charges

The Air Force reservist accused of a federal sex crime at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has been indicted on three more counts, according to court records.

Kyle R. Jordan was re-indicted earlier this month in Dayton’s U.S. District Court on one count of tampering with a witness and two counts of willfully making a false statement to investigators.

Jordan, 31, was indicted in March for engaging in a sex act with a woman identified as Jane Doe “who was incapable of appraising the nature of the conduct,” according to federal court records.

The superseding indictment alleges that the former Butler County corrections officer “knowingly corruptly persuaded B.G., a person known to the grand jury” on Dec. 15, 2015, by sending a text message to B.G. instructing that, “if anyone asks,” B.G. was to falsely state that he stayed the night at the temporary lodging facility at which Jordan was staying Dec. 5-6, 2015.

That matches the place and location of the alleged sexual assault that happened at a Christmas party, according to one of Jordan's defense attorney.

Jordan also was indicted on two counts of making false statements on Dec. 17, 2015 regarding his denial of having sexual intercourse with Jane Doe and that B.G. stayed the night at the temporary lodging facility on Dec. 5-6, 2015.

The sexual assault charge carries a penalty of zero to life in prison, the witness tampering includes a punishment of from zero to 20 years and the false statement counts carry penalties of zero to five years. The three new counts also have the potential for a $250,000 fine per count.

“My understanding is that those (new counts) stem from his conversations with investigators after the fact,” defense attorney Brock Schoenlein said Thursday.

Jordan’s attorneys have said Jordan served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan while rising to staff sergeant until his 2013 honorable discharge.

According to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, Jordan had served as a full-time corrections officer between February 2014 and February 2015 before resigning.

Jordan has been free on bond that includes electronic monitoring since U.S. District Court Judge Walter Rice ruled. Rice reversed a magistrate's decision that Jordan be incarcerated despite Jordan facing a similar allegation from 2006 that was not prosecuted. Jordan's attorneys argued that Jordan is not a flight risk nor a danger to the community.

Jordan was given permission to attend the Sept. 24 baptism of his child at a Middletown church. Jordan’s trial is currently scheduled for Nov. 28.