Boyfriend accused of abusing 9-month-old boy in Riverside indicted

Collin Michael Hanna
Collin Michael Hanna

A 22-year-old man accused of abusing his girlfriend’s 9-month-old son is facing felony charges.

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Collin Michael Hanna of Riverside was indicted Thursday for felonious assault and endangering children.

When first responders showed up Oct. 23 to a Penn Avenue apartment in Riverside, baby James was unresponsive and was taken to Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Grandmother Christale Morgan last week said James suffered multiple injuries, including broken bones and a fingerprint-shaped bruise on his face.

“The baby had a black eye. ... The back of his head was fractured like an egg. He had six broken ribs on one side, two or three on the other. His wrist was broken in another spot,” she said.

According to a Riverside police report, Hanna blamed the injuries on the baby’s 2-year-old sister, who is now in Morgan’s temporary custody.

Morgan said Hanna and the children’s mother, Hannah Jean Barnes, 20, were together about three months but are now apparently no longer a couple. Barnes was arrested with Hanna but charges against her were dropped.

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Hanna is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday and is being held on $100,000 bond in the Montgomery County Jail, where he’s been since his Oct. 28 arrest.

Collin Michael Hanna
Collin Michael Hanna

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