Cheryl Coker case: Search warrants executed this week

Search warrants were executed as recently as this week in the homicide investigation involving Cheryl Coker, Riverside police said.

Wednesday marked one year since Riverside police said the disappearance of Cheryl Coker was being looked at as a homicide and named Cheryl’s husband William “Bill” Coker as a suspect.

“The Riverside Police Department is committed to locating Mrs. Coker and bringing the suspect responsible for her disappearance to justice,” Riverside police said. “The Riverside Police Department has partnered with federal, state and local agencies as a part of this ongoing investigation. We have also consulted with the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office as this investigation continuously develops.”

Police haven’t found Cheryl Coker’s body or made any arrests in the case.

>>Cheryl Coker case: Riverside police name suspect, call disappearance a homicide

Police also released video from the day Cheryl Coker was last seen, of a man dressed in black with white gloves, walking away from the parking lot where her SUV would be found, and again in the area behind their house.

Riverside mother Cheryl Coker was reported missing on Oct. 2, 2018, by her sister Margie Keenan, who had been searching for her sister after Cheryl’s 15-year-old daughter couldn’t reach her mother.

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Investigation after her disappearance painted a picture of a troubled relationship with her husband leading to a recent filing for divorce.

Professional searches from the Midwest chapter of Texas Equusearch made multiple sweeps of targeted areas but didn’t find her.

Mary Carroll, Cheryl Coker’s mother, spoke to us on the anniversary of her daughter’s disappearance in October.

>>Cheryl Coker: Still no body found 1 year later, but investigation continues

“I want to lash out and I just can’t,” she said. “Your mind’s never off her. Get up, first thing in the morning, take a shower. It’s right there, all the time.”

Keenan said that she felt the same.

“If we could find Cheryl, that could help us,” she said. ”You grieve, but you’re always looking for her.”

Bill Coker has maintained his innocence, but in October Cheryl Coker’s family said they don’t believe it.

“It’s basically just finding her, and I can’t imagine what he could have done with her,” Carroll said.

“Someone knows,” Keenan said. “Somebody knows and shame on them.”

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