Cheryl Coker’s mother: ‘I will never get to see her until I get to heaven’

The mother of Cheryl Coker says she prayed that her daughter would be found, and it’s hard knowing now that she’s gone.

Mary Carroll told the Dayton Daily News that Monday was her worst day when she was informed that bones found off Waynesville Jamestown Road in Greene County were those of her daughter, who had been missing since October 2018.

Memorials placed where bones of Cheryl Coker found

“It was hard, very hard. I’m not going to see her anymore. Even though in my mind all along I knew, the realization when they come to tell you about it, it’s just hard,” Carroll said.

“My head hurts, my stomach. I miss her so much,” she said. “She was such a good person. She was a good woman. She was good to her kids.”

PHOTOS: Memorials placed where bones of Cheryl Coker found

Coker went missing in October of 2018 after she dropped her teenage daughter off at school. The case is being treated as a homicide investigation by Riverside Police.

Carroll said though the news is devastating, she is happy that Cheryl’s remains are home with her family and that they will be able to give her a proper burial. She said the discovery does give her some closure — but Cheryl will always be a part of her life.

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“No matter what, I am going to be thinking about her all the time and knowing now I will never get to see her until I get to heaven,” she said.

Carroll said the community support has helped the family cope and knowing people care means a lot to them. Carroll also said her family hopes justice will be served in the case.

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