Dad says Dayton boy at center of ‘extreme abuse’ case hurt himself

A preliminary autopsy says a 10-year-old boy whose Dec. 13 death led to charges against his father and two others suffered multiple blunt force trauma injuries.

Police investigators said that 10-year-old Takoda Collins suffered what they called “extreme” child abuse.

The Dayton Daily News on Tuesday reviewed photos taken by the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office as part of the autopsy that show Takoda with cuts and bruises throughout his body — especially on his torso, back and buttocks.

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Meanwhile, in a newly released 9-1-1 call, the man charged in connection to his death, his father Al-Mutahan McLean, told authorities that his son had “mental behavior” issues and would injure himself often. He said his son would bang his head against the wall, eat his own feces and lay in urine.

McLean, 30, his fiance Amanda Hinze, 28, and her sister Jennifer Ebert, 25, are charged in connection to the investigation.

McLean, indicted Monday, is facing four counts endangering children, two counts felonious assault, and one count rape of a child under the age of 13 in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. The women have not been indicted and are currently facing charges in Dayton Municipal Court.

In court documents, law enforcement says Takoda suffered “extreme abuse for an extended amount of time inflicted by McLean.” They also say Takoda was locked in an attic naked with no access to the outside or other people.

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Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. said in a statement that law enforcement continues to investigate.

During the 9-1-1 call, McLean can be heard telling dispatchers that his son was having trouble breathing.

The dispatcher told the man to lay the boy on the ground and watch his chest for signs of breathing.

“It’s not rising up and down,” the man said. “He’s got something coming out of his mouth…I’m not sure what it is.”

The dispatcher then told the man to lay the boy on his side and try to clean out his mouth.

“Yes ma’am,” he said. “It’s a lot in his air passage ma’am.”

He also said the boy’s breath smelled “real rotten” and that the child has “ a lot of medical issues.”

“Just mental behavior,” he said. “He just hurts himself all the time. He wakes up, doesn’t get his way, slams his head…It never ends.”

When asked if the boy might have taken something, the caller said that he didn’t give him anything.

After trying to move the boy onto his back again, the man said something started coming out of the boy’s nose.

The dispatcher asked the man to clear the boy’s air passages as best as possible so they can start CPR.

After a few rounds of breaths and chest compressions, the man told the dispatcher that an ambulance had arrived and he was going to let medics inside the home.

The medics responded to the 1900 block of Kensington Drive around 2:30 p.m., according to dispatch records. Takoda was taken to Dayton Children’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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Autopsy photos viewed by Dayton Daily News and News Center 7 show parts of Takoda’s body were purple with bruising, including the small of his back, his buttocks and the back of his thighs.

The boy also had cuts throughout his body and a noticeable bruise on his temple.

The photos were viewed by this news organization after it filed a public records request to do so.

The Montgomery County Coroner has yet to determine Takoda’s cause of death and has not made a public statement about its findings.

However, a preliminary autopsy report says the boy suffered multiple blunt force trauma injuries.

“Excessive acute and healing blunt force injuries (head, torso and extremities - abrasions, contusions and lacerations),” the report says.

The report also says the boy suffered “numerous pattern injuries.” Pattern injuries are those that have a distinct pattern that might reproduce characteristics of the objects that struck the body.

It also says that he had multiple healing rib fractures.

Also, officials took photos inside the Kensington Drive house. In them, blood splatter can be seen on a wall and one door in the home was outfitted with padlock hasp with a combination lock hanging from it. It is unclear where the door leads to.

Also in the photos were a bathtub with a few inches of water inside.

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