Dayton police catch alleged restaurant robber

A man was successful at robbing one of two restaurants last night in Dayton, but he didn’t get to keep the money for long.

With the help of citizens, officers caught up with and arrested Troy Matthew Adams, 39, at the front door of Speedway on West Stewart Street around 8:30 p.m., according to the Dayton police report.

Adams allegedly went to Denny’s restaurant on South Main Street then to the Cold Stone Creamery on Jasper Street. At both eateries, he showed a note to servers that stated he had a gun and wanted money, according to the report.

He wrote the note using a crayon at Denny’s, but when he showed it to two servers while keeping his hand in his pocket, they refused to give him money and he left, according to the report.

Police said at the creamery, Adams allegedly got away with cash from the register and tip jar using the same method.

Officers were called and citizens helped point out the suspect as he walked along Stewart. He didn’t have a gun, but police recovered $211 in $20s and $1s, according to the report.

Police said Adams, who is being held in the Montgomery County Jail, is also suspected of theft at the Shell gas station at South Main and Stewart.

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