Dayton Shooting: What’s next in Oregon District mass shooting investigation?

With many people still looking for answers following a shooting in Dayton’s Oregon District that killed nine people and injured 27 early Sunday morning, Sgt. Mark Bowron, 1290 WHIO traffic reporter and former Dayton police sergeant, explained what police’s next steps are in the investigation.

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“First you have to identify the perimeter,” Bowron told News Center 7. “It’s not as big as I thought it would be. It looks like it’s pretty well confined.”

Once the scene has been established, investigators move on to gathering evidence, like collecting shell casings.

They’ll also start interviewing witnesses, Bowron explained.

“You want to know where everybody was standing,” he said. “What they were seeing, because you can have two people next to each other who see different things. All those witness statements have to be collected and analyzed.”

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One person in the Oregon District at the time of the shooting told News Center 7 that he had dropped his cell phone and keys during the incident and that police was not letting him back in the district to grab his phone and keys.

Bowron explained that investigators were likely trying to keep anyone from accidentally tracking something into or out of the scene.

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“You can bring something into the scene that wasn’t there before; you may not realize it,” he said. “[Police] want to document everything that goes on; [they] don’t want anyone changing that scene.”

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