Kettering police say teen shooting death was not intentional

A 17-year-old is charged with reckless homicide and receiving stolen property in connection to the shooting death of a teenager Friday night in Kettering, but police say they don’t suspect the shooting was done on purpose.

Noah Channell, 17, of Kettering was found inside a Parran Drive house in Kettering and later died of injuries he sustained during a shooting. The Montgomery County Coroner’s office ruled Channell’s cause of death was a homicide.

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Kettering Police spokesman Joe Ferrell said detectives were called in, and secured the scene.

“They began talking with the individual. (He) had a pistol. and was not being careful with it and ended up firing a round that struck the victim in the chest and he did not make it,” Ferrell said.

“This was something that was not done intentionally. We have no information that there was a fight or a crime going on. It’s just a horrible, horrible story.”

A 9-1-1 call from the home the teen was shot in obtained by the Dayton Daily News depicts a male person pleading for help from emergency responds, saying the gun misfired.

“Wake up Noah, Wake up,” the male person can be heard saying. “I don’t think he’s breathing.”

“Noah, I love you.”

Ferrell said the receiving stolen property charge was in connection to the firearm itself. Ferrell said the gun was stolen but did not release where it was stolen from.

He said the shooting is an example of why it’s important to practice gun safety when handling firearms.

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“Any firearm should be considered loaded and should be treated as loaded,” he said. “So one, don’t touch it, and two, that muzzle end is the one that is going to hurt you. So if you do have it, that needs to be kept pointed down at the ground. Typically what we tell teenagers down to young kids, if you’re somewhere, whether it’s your house or a friend’s house, and open a drawer or a closet and see a pistol or a firearm, whether it’s real or not you probably won’t know. Get away from it and find an adult and let them know ‘hey there’s a gun in this drawer’ and let them take care of it.”

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