Lebanon man to remain in jail after split jury in first trial

The Lebanon man charged with murdering his father in December will remain in jail, although half the jury in his trial believed he acted in self defense.

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Judge Timothy Tepe reset bond for Freddie Green, 42, of Lebanon at $100,000 during a hearing Tuesday in Warren County Common Pleas Court.

In urging Tepe against lowering the bond, Assistant County Prosecutor Steven Knippen pointed out Green admitted shooting his father in the back of the head during a struggle at a home they shared in Lebanon.

“At least half the jurors thought he did that in self defense,” lawyer Jeff Richards responded during the hearing. “You are allowed to defend yourself.”

Last week, the jury deadlocked on murder and felonious assault charges against Green. Even the two alternate jurors split, 1-1, making the verdict a “dead split,” said Richards, who was reappointed during the hearing.

However Green is expected to remain in jail, although the bond amount was cut by 9/10th from $1 million.

“A half a million is equally out of reach. So is $50,000,” Richards said during the hearing.

Green and his family have no money or property to post to secure his release, Richards said.

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Tepe also indicated concern about releasing Green after eight months in jail, awaiting trial, for fear he would use heroin again with lowered tolerance.

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He gave the lawyers “less than two weeks” to return to his court to discuss what comes next in the case.

“I do want to get this trial on the fast track,” Tepe said.

Sidney Green, 64, was one of six victims of deadly domestic violence in the last half of 2016 in Warren County.

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