Caught on camera: Harrison Twp. looting suspect identified, charged

UPDATE @2 p.m.

A woman caught on camera allegedly looting from a Family Dollar that sustained severe damage when an EF4 tornado hit last Monday has been identified.

Brandy Herron has been identified as the woman in the video, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

A theft charge has been filed against Herron. She has not been located.

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The sheriff’s office has extra deputies patroling for looters in the area, according to Major Matt Haines.


Disasters bring out the best in people, demonstrated by an overwhelming outpouring of support for those hit by the 15 tornadoes Memorial Day across the Miami Valley.

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But amid acts of tremendous generosity, some are helping themselves to belongings left unsecured, compounding the losses of those hardest hit.

There are dozens of theft and looting reports across the area, many coming in from Dayton, Trotwood and Harrison Twp. to the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center.

News Center 7’s James Rider spoke with residents at one Trotwood apartment complex that has seen looting.

The Westbrooke Village Apartment complex has been condemned, and on Saturday there was a flurry of action with people loading cars and vans with their possessions. After Sunday, they won’t be allowed back in.

Some had less than they thought they’d need to pack.

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“Last night somebody broke into the apartment up there and stole TVs and stuff like that. And they’re not even home, they’re on vacation,” said Philon Franklin, whose apartment is still liveable and who has stayed so he can keep an eye on things before he packs up everything and moves.

“We’ve been staying here watching the neighborhood at night, staying out till 2 or 3 in the morning and then taking shifts and just trying to cover our butts and cover our stuff and everything else,” Franklin said.

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Another man who didn’t want to give his name said he couldn’t live in his unit because of the damage. He said he was shocked when he came back to move his things out of the apartment.

“A lot of my stuff has been taken from me because I had to leave because the ceiling fell in,” he said. “Somebody had to be watching me leave, knew the vehicle I drive. And they go in there and take my valuables that I worked hard for.”

Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck said any looters will be arrested and prosecuted with every ounce of energy the sheriff’s office has.

“To me there’s nothing worse than somebody who takes advantage of somebody at their lowest point,” Streck said.

The sheriff’s office said there has been multiple reports of looting at homes and businesses across areas hit by tornadoes.

If you see suspected looting, call 911 to report it.

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