Mourners remember Dayton 10-year-old: ‘Takoda is no longer suffering’

Around 100 people attended a memorial service Sunday to grieve the loss of a 10-year-old Dayton boy many of them didn’t know.

The memorial for Takoda Collins, who died last month after police say he suffered “extreme abuse,” was held at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Dayton. The organizers said the service was for the community to mourn the boy and honor him.

Family of dead Dayton 10-year-old hearbroken over tragedy

Authorities say Takoda was beaten and died with cuts and bruises throughout his body. He also allegedly ate his own feces and either drank a lot of water or was held underwater before his death, authorities say.

A final autopsy report has not been issued.

Police in December arrested three people in connection to the boy’s abuse. His father, Al-Mutahan McLean, 30; his fiancee Amanda Hinze, 28; and her sister Jennifer Ebert, 25; are all charged with four counts of endangering children, according to court records.

McLean also is charged with assault and rape.

On Sunday, many tears were shed by strangers of the boy affected by his story. Organizer Polly Parks said Takoda might be dead, but he will never be forgotten here.

“It’s comforting to me to know that Takoda is no longer suffering,” Parks said. “He is free of all the chaos and confusion. He is free from all the physical, mental pain of abuse. Takoda is at peace.”

Everyone should be heartbroken by Takoda’s death, said Steve Jordan, a grief recovery specialist who spoke at the event.

“We love to blame police, CPS, schools or the family, but the bottom line we are all here on the earth, and we have to take ownership of everything we do. The good, bad and ugly in society is on us,” Jordan said.

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He said the community needs to come together and protect the next youth who are in trouble. An opportunity to come together will take place Feb. 2.

A meeting for TakodasCall, a citizen’s action group whose focus is to ensure “no other children in the Miami Valley fall through the cracks of the system,” will take place at Hopeland Church in Dayton. For more information email or visit

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