Neighbor: ‘No idea’ Riverside man had gun arsenal in his home

Neighbors on Gleneagle Drive in Riverside had to hunker down in their homes Tuesday for 13 hours during a standoff.

John Reese, 40, was found dead inside the home after the standoff.

Dispatch records indicate that police found Reese with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but the coroner’s office has not made an official ruling on his cause of death.

Riverside police Maj. Matt Sturgeon said before the standoff on Tuesday, there was a domestic violence situation on Monday where a woman in her 70s was hurt. Police were not made aware of the incident until around 2 p.m. on Tuesday, which is when police responded to the residence.

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Kevin Burris, who lives next door to Reese, said SWAT deputies were in his backyard and inside an upstairs bedroom all night long.

“They were trying to get a better view, so we had one of them in the house all night long looking through the bedroom window,” Burris told News Center 7’s Kayla Courvell. “It was a little tense.”

Burris, his wife and their three grandchildren were advised to stay in their basement and away from the side of their house closest to their neighbor, he said.

Police removed 20 to 50 weapons from the Gleneagle Drive home. Police also found 100-round magazines, body armour and other tactical gear in the home.

Burris said he had “no idea” his neighbor had so many weapons.

“It’s a little scary. You never know what he might do,” Burris said. “If he was violent with her, he could be violent with anybody in this neighborhood.”

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