Police blotter

BELLBROOK (Sept. 26) – A traffic hazard was reported on Bledsoe Drive. The responsible party was contacted and the roadway was cleared.

BELLBROOK (Sept. 28) – A domestic dispute was reported from Sloping Drive. A 59-year-old man was arrested for domestic violence and assault.

BELLBROOK (Sept. 29) – A suspicious vehicle was reported from Upper Bellbrook Road. The occupant was a construction worker on a work break.

BELLBROOK (Sept. 29) – Door-to-door sales was reported on Cabernet Way. The officer explained that the individual needed a permit.

BELLBROOK (Sept. 30) – A burglary alarm was received from Marcia Drive. It was a false alarm.

BELLBROOK (Sept. 30) – A Jacobs Hill Court resident reported two dogs followed her home while she was walking her dog. The owner was located and the owner was given a verbal warning for dogs at large.

FAIRBORN (Sept. 25) – A welfare check was conducted on White Ash Court.

FAIRBORN (Sept. 25) – A dead body was reported on East Doris Drive.

FAIRBORN (Sept. 26) – Harassment was reported from West Hebble Avenue.

FAIRBORN (Sept. 26) – Burglary was reported from Wallace Drive.

FAIRBORN (Sept. 27) – A 911 hang up call was received from Cambridge Drive.

FAIRBORN (Sept. 27) – Criminal damaging was reported from Rockland Drive.

FAIRBORN (Sept. 28) – Trespassing was reported on North Broad Street.

FAIRBORN (Sept. 28) – A suspicious person was reported on Orville Street.

SUGARCREEK TWP. (Sept. 25) – A traffic complaint was received from Rose Lake Court.

SUGARCREEK TWP. (Sept. 25) – A disabled vehicle was reported on Wilmington-Dayton Road.

SUGARCREEK TWP. (Sept. 26) – A peace officer was requested on Bayberry Cove Drive.

SUGARCREEK TWP. (Sept. 26) – A neighbor problem was reported on Lower Bellbrook.

SUGARCREEK TWP. (Sept. 27) – An intoxicated person was reported on Wilmington Pike.

SUGARCREEK TWP. (Sept. 27) – One person was arrested for theft on Wilmington Pike.

XENIA (Sept. 25) – Harassment was reported from Charles Street.

XENIA (Sept. 25) – Drug activity was reported from West Main Street.

XENIA (Sept. 26) – Harassment was reported from Newport Road.

XENIA (Sept. 26) – A welfare check was conducted on Colorado Drive.

XENIA (Sept. 27) – A warrant was served on North Detroit Street.

XENIA (Sept. 27) – Criminal damaging was reported from June Drive.

XENIA (Sept. 28) – A domestic dispute was reported from Prugh Avenue.

XENIA (Sept. 28) – Theft was reported from East Richard Drive.

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