Police blotter

VANDALIA (JULY 27) – Police called to the Travelodge on a complaint of a man trespassing in a room he had not paid for arrested the man on a warrant and took him to different lodging at the Montgomery County Jail. Business employees said the man was able to secure a room key from them while the computers were down and they were unable to check his claim he was staying in a particular room. On checking when the computers again were working, they found the man had not paid for a room. He was asked to leave, but did not. Police said they found the man naked, sitting on a bed and watching TV. When they obtained the man’s identity information, they found there was a warrant for a probation violation. He was arrested and taken to the jail.

UNION TWP., MIAMI COUNTY (AUG. 17) – The owner of a winery facility off Iddings Road reported damage to propane powered bird cannons. Sheriff’s deputies were told the cannons were being used to scare birds away from the grape crop. Gas hoses on cannons were cut.

BETHEL TWP., MIAMI COUNTY (AUG. 16) – The owner of a U.S. Route 40 apartment reported a renter being evicted sold a washer and dryer she had purchased. The man said the appliances were his and he sold them to a friend for $60. A relative of the man asked the deputy if the man would be considered the washer and dryer owner if he had bought parts and repaired them. The man was charged with theft.

VANDALIA (AUG. 12) – A man found passed out in the drive through lane at Taco Bell with money for his order still in his hand was charged with driving while under the influence in the early morning hours. Police said they were called after someone was unsuccessful in attempts to wake up the driver, whose foot was on the brake. The vehicle was placed in park by the person who called police. The man admitted to being drunk, was charged and jailed, according to police reports.

ENGLEWOOD (AUG. 11) - Two teens face theft charges in juvenile court for placing cheaper price tags on items and then failing to scan the prices of other items at Walmart. Police were told the girls were stopped outside the store after going through the self-scan registers. The girls were picked up by a family members who were told charges would be pursued.

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