Road rage leaves woman with broken nose after women beat her with baseball bats

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A case of road rage escalated Sunday when two drivers chased and beat a woman with baseball bats after she cut one of them off.

The brawl left Mikaela Barboza, a 26-year-old from Plantation, with a broken nose, seven staples in the back of her head and seven stitches on her forehead.

“I was bleeding really, really bad,” Barboza recalled Sunday evening.

Barboa said she cut off one of the drivers on U.S. 441, and they followed her to a plaza in Oakland Park. The drivers of the other two vehicles blocked her in, so she got out of her car to confront them.

Video of the encounter, taken by Barboza and a bystander, shows Barboza getting out of her car as a woman with a wooden bat in her hand approaches from a maroon SUV.

“The police are on their way,” Barboza warned the woman. “I don’t got time for this. I got a kid, bruh. Go ahead, hit me with a bat.”

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The woman curses, saying she doesn’t care and adds that the other driver was her sister.

A few seconds later, the video cuts out.

“We were kinda having some words and then all of a sudden her sister came out and hit me in the head with the bat,” Barboza said.

A second video from a bystander shows the women on the ground fighting. Bystanders then intervened, taking the bats away and breaking up the fight.

“You’re very disrespectful,” one of the women yells at Barboza. “You don’t talk about black people. Period.”

The two attackers fled before Broward Sheriff’s deputies arrived, but Barboza said a bystander recorded one of their license plates.

“For the most part, it’s been hell,” she said about her recovery. “I can’t wait for these girls to suffer.”

Barboza told The Miami Herald she filed a police report while she was in the hospital getting her wounds treated. BSO did not respond to immediate request for comment.

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