K-9 sniffs out man accused of stealing car in Middletown

K-9 sniffs out man accused of stealing car in Middletown

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Middletown police dog Koda beside a stolen car recovered today. MIDDLETOWN DIVISION OF POLICE

A man is in the Middletown City Jail for allegedly taking a woman’s car, but his joyride was short-lived after a police dog tracked him down, according to police.

At about 11:40 a.m. Saturday a man stole a Mazda from a woman on Sherman Avenue while she was getting into the vehicle.

Officer Wayne Birch located the parked car on Vanderveer Street three minutes after the incident was dispatched, according to Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw.

Police K-9 Koda and Officer Dennis Jordan tracked the suspect from the car to a house on Girard Avenue, where Muterspaw said in a tweet that the suspect was found upstairs with the car keys in the same room.


Rondale Keller is charged with robbery.

Muterspaw praised the teamwork and pointed out this is why he is a fan of K-9 units.

“Dogs again? Really? The Chief wants more dogs. This is why,” Muterspaw tweeted.

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