Snowy car break-in caught on camera in Springfield

A car break-in thief took his time stealing from an unlocked black Chevrolet Impala parked in front of a home.

This happened early Wednesday in Springfield when snow was pelting the area. It was all caught on camera.

“This guy walked up the street, casually walked up the street, and went directly to my car, opened the driver’s door, ransacked what little articles were in it,” Roger Meddock said.

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When he’s done, the suspect closed the doors and almost slips on snow and ice as he flees.

Roger Meddock discovered the crime after looking at his home surveillance footage. The suspect took about 3 minutes to find sunglasses, money and other items.

“I lost what’s in my car. Now I have to pay a deductible, my insurance rates are going to go up, it still costs me,” he said.

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When Meddock called to file a report, he said Springfield police told him there’s basically nothing they can do because he can’t recognize the face, which was obscured by the suspect’s hood. 

He said his neighbor also has video of the suspect walking down the street and into a home where they believe the suspect lives.

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“What more evidence do you need? I can’t give you DNA, that’s impossible?” said Meddock, who said he wants the police to come to his home and make an arrest with all of the evidence he has.


  • Park in a well-lit area
  • Lock doors, close windows
  • Remove spare keys from inside the vehicle
  • Move valuables and other items out of view

Source: AAA

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