Dave Chappelle wants more outdoor shows near Yellow Springs next year

Credit: Mathieu Bitton

Credit: Mathieu Bitton

Comedian Dave Chappelle is seeking to have more socially distanced shows near Yellow Springs next year.

Chappelle hosted socially distanced comedy shows and music events at Wirrig Pavilion near Yellow Springs starting in May. The shows had been called “An Intimate Socially Distanced Affair,” and others referred to them as Chappelle’s “Summer Camp." The rest of the scheduled shows were canceled at the end of September because of coronavirus concerns.

Steve Wirrig, who owns the property that Chappelle had been performing his shows on, hand delivered a letter asking for an extension to the variance Miami Twp. granted in August.

The current approval expired on Oct. 5, but Wirrig’s letter asks that it be extended a full year, to August of 2021. The letter is dated Sept. 30.

Wirrig also asks that the Board of Zoning Appeals consider changing the limit on shows from no more than four per week to not more than 18 per month. The letter states that this will help them work around inclement weather, by putting a cap on the number of shows per month rather than per week. Shows would not be held on Sundays, the letter states.

The application also asks to place a condition on the variance if theaters and other performance venues are allowed to reopen. If those venues are allowed to reopen at full-capacity, the letter indicates that Chappelle would likely not need to use that space in the same way.

Richard Zopf, the township’s zoning inspector, said the BZA will likely have a hearing later in November on this request. Zopf will also have to notify adjacent property owners of the request before the BZA would make a decision, he said.

Zopf said it is atypical to ask for a change to a variance like this, but the BZA will hear it. Some neighbors are concerned about the noise from the shows, he said.

“The issue for the BZA to consider is how much is reasonable to give?” Zopf said.

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