Dayton Innovation: These business owners left the corporate world to start their own firm. Here’s why.

The coronavirus pandemic is no match for the Dayton region’s innovative spirit. The Dayton Daily News is profiling small businesses in our region as they navigate through these challenging times. To nominate a small business, email

Business Name: SpeedPro Dayton

Location: Vandalia

Owner’s name: Cody Scarberry & Sean Hohenstein

Years in operation: 10 years total, 1½ under new ownership

Describe what your business does: We work with designers, agencies, event producers, photographers, and architects to deliver top quality, high value visuals for their business clients. We design, print and install a wide variety of media to create stunning POP signage, architectural signage, event graphics, wall murals, retail window films and vehicle wraps.

What inspired you to start this business? Sean and I both come from the corporate world. When we looked at owning our own business, we wanted something where we could build strong relationships with our clients and be able to be a part of the community. SpeedPro is the perfect business for that. It is always fun to see a project we helped with around town.

How has your business embraced innovation? We are constantly looking at new technology in equipment and material that offers value and quality. We really enjoy testing new products, seeing what visuals we can create and working with our clients to provide those ideas.

What’s your biggest challenge and opportunity right now? Our biggest challenge and opportunity is staying on top of trends. Our current focus is mixing our traditional print with smart signage.

What do you want readers to know about your business today? We have a lot of fun partnering with our clients and love what we do.

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