Dayton’s unique presidential history: What to know about Air Force One

One of the nation’s historic treasures, the Boeing aircraft used as Air Force One for eight United States presidents, is on display at the Museum of the United States Air Force.

Here are some interesting facts about the plane.

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The first for a president

Boeing assembled the aircraft in in 1962, the first ever built specifically for a president. The jet set 30 speed records by 1963, including the fastest, non- stop journey between Washington, D.C. and Moscow.

Fast and far reaching

The intercontinental aircraft can reach speeds of 600 mph and has a 6,000-mile range.

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A heartbreaking flight home

The body of President John F. Kennedy was flown back to Washington, D.C. on the Boeing 707 after he was assassinated in Dallas Nov. 22, 1963. A bulkhead and four seats in the rear of the plane were cut out to allow room for the president’s casket.

LBJ sworn in

Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as the 36th president aboard the aircraft.

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Credit: U.S. Air Force

Credit: U.S. Air Force

Transportation around the world

President Richard M. Nixon used this plane on his first presidential trip to China, and former presidents Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter rode aboard the aircraft to the state funeral of slain Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat in 1981.

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Vice President Al Gore made the final, official flight in March 1998 before the plane came to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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