Development plans for historic Springboro farm yet to pass muster

The Springboro Planning Commission remained unready Wednesday to approve plans, including construction of 467 single- and multi-family residences, on 86 acres of the historic 101-acre Easton Farm.

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Hills Properties presented its latest tweaking of its plan for the development on North Main Street, Ohio 741, between the city’s central crossroads at Main Street and Central Avenue, Ohio 73 in Springboro, and the Settlers Walk planned development.

“Our intent is that the development of Easton Farm will create a new destination landmark in the City of Springboro through sensitive site planning, building design, construction, landscaping, and amenities to meet market demand and the lifestyle needs and wants of the community. Creating a compatible and harmonious community between varying land uses are critical to the creation of a walkable and successful neighborhood, ” according to a development narrative submitted by the project developer.

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But staff and commissioners said Hills still failed to provide adequate design standards and lacked details, such as renderings and the phasing anticipated for the development.

The plan now proposes a 17.2-acre commercial development on Main Street, 31.6-acre single-family residential and 28.5-acre multi-family sections in the center of the property and 9.4 acres of single-family homes in the northwest corner.

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It was the developer’s third appearance on the project, which has drawn opposition from neighbors and others.

Neighbors continued to express concerns about the traffic, density of development and plans for four-story apartment buildings.

“That’s just absurd in my opinion,” Rod Bradshaw said. “I can’t imagine Springboro would be OK with that.”


Two of the property owners, Becky and Ted Hall, are to continue living at the back of the property.

Originally, Hills had hoped to be seeking city council approval on June 15.

Now it is expected to return for another work session June 14.

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