Dog that bit 8-year-old girl was with owner for less than a month, had walked with victim ‘without any issues’ before

A dog that attacked an 8-year-old girl, causing her to be hospitalized with head wounds, was obtained by its owner less than a month ago, records show.

The owner of the 2-year-old pit bull that bit Savannah Coleman’s head multiple times Saturday night at a Miami Twp. mobile home park said she got the dog – which weighs about 60 pounds - from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on July 6, according to police records.

Coleen Ware, the dog's owner, said she “was told the dog would be fine around children” and that the girl who was attacked – who weighs about 70 pounds - “walks the (dog) all the time without any issues,” according to the police report.

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Ware “stated she has not had any issues (with) the dog and even has a younger and smaller daughter,” according to the report.

But after the attack, Ware “and her family are afraid of the dog and refusing to go back in the house with the dog,” the police report states.

The victim on Tuesday was listed in good condition at Dayton Children’s Hospital. A hospital spokesperson said she could not comment on the extent of the 8-year-old’s injuries or when she was expected to be released.

The attack was the second of three reported in the area in less than a week. On July 25, a Fairborn woman was taken to the hospital after she said a dog attacked her on her front porch.

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Amy Agee said she sustained wounds on her left arm and the backs of her thighs.

On Monday, a 6-year-old Georgia boy was bitten by a dog and was taken to Dayton Children’s. Initial reports indicated he was listed in stable condition after receiving more than 200 stitches.

After Saturday night’s attack, the dog - which Ware surrendered to the Animal Resource Center that night - was quarantined, and it will be euthanized, officials said.

The girl suffered multiple head injuries, and a Miami Twp. police officer could “see several bite marks” on her head after arriving at the Oakwood Village mobile home park off of Wood Road just before 9 p.m., the report indicates.

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A neighbor said the dog was seen “with it(s) mouth on the head actively biting” the girl, who was “covered in blood,” records show.

The neighbor said he was called outside by his screaming wife. He then took the leash from the victim and ended the attack by “choking the dog with its collar,” according to the police report.

A 911 caller tended to the girl’s wounds until medics arrived.

If the owners had not released the dog to the Animal Resource Center, it would have been deemed a vicious or dangerous dog.

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